Additional services


 We have Amazon FBA Shipping experience to help our customers put Amazon FNSKU barcode sticker on package and shipping label on cartons.

Goods can be ship directly to Amazon warehouse by DDP term(including tax and custom clearance.

ONU MALL CO.,LIMITED is a leading manufacturer further refning the products and service, bringing with lower wholesale price but more aggressive quality in beauty personal care tools include blackhead remover,facial massage,other beauty equipment with sound certifications ranging from CE,RoHS to UL,FCC ete,with 13 year's experience OEM/ODM service since 2007.
Apart from providing unwatermarked pics, what the unique advantage we owns professional 24 hours'break ASS service.
We spare no effort to ensure product quality, at the same time, we just want to do our utmost to prolong lifespan and allow you to enjoy safer and more comfortable beauty products.
At ONUEMP, beauty is in our DNA.
Professional is our habit.
Making a meaningful product which can bring you profit and your customer happiness is our goal.